Paige and Jane Blow up doll TF

Relax they are not back… I found some unfinished an abandoned clips on a backup drive.   I was able to fix this up and render it out.

Paige turns jane into a blow up doll.  Features older style morphing and effects, but it has good dialogue!

buy it here:

Jane and Paige Blowup Doll TF

Are there any News about Mrs Waspworth?


Funny you should mention that…. I was looking for some files and I stumbled across a small cache of abandoned clips…. I just posted one with her and Paige, there is another coming a bit later… a mannequin TF.

Otherwise she still has no interest in doing more clips, I will ask when I talk to her again though, but I do not expect a yes there.

could you do an australian shepherd unbirthing a seemingly pregnant young woman please?


I can never tell when people are serious anymore…..

Heyho! What is about the "Short Film Project"? Donations were finished around 4 MONTHS (!) ago. Gold-Donators are awaiting 8 clips. A month ago you provided the first one. What are you plans on this? Every 3 months one clip is way to slow I think ;) When do you think all clips are delivered?


Yeah, tell me about it.   I have a run of bad luck with models, we have 3 shot but unfinished (doing tracking, morphs, and 3D rendering).   We have had multiple model based issues, from outright flaking out (no call, no show) to getting the shoot and deciding they do not want to do it, to just plain old scheduling issues.  Noticed teh completely clips are all pro models, and not the local talents.    Hope to get ALL the obligations done and out the damn door by very early November.

Hey there, I noticed you guys have been fully funded for, "The Amazing Colossal Film Project" and I was wondering when that might be finished. Also will it be sold on Clips4sale or will it be somewhere else? Thank you for making these Clips for us by the way.


End of the month is the shoot for that, we had multiple cancels, flakes and other issues, but looks like we are good for the last week in Oct.

Kithos shrinking up for real now

New Kithos Clip in a Different store

Kithos shrinking clip here:

Kithos Shrinking

It should work now!  I uploaded the needed 10 clips, only the shrinking is new everything else was previously released by me.

could I see an unbirthing movies or just some clips where she puts men and/or woman (or should we say, her victims) into her womb and being turned into newborn baby?


We do not normally touch AR themes. this one is as close as we get…

Pregnant Gender Transform

What's going on with the new store (the one with the new kithos clip)? Doesn't seem to be working.


Ah, it seems it needs 10 clips to start accepting orders… that is annoying, OK I will give it 10 clips then.

Reason… sometimes I work for other people, this is one of those times, the new store is that person hiring me to shoot clips.  Mostly that will be POV clips in the future, like the Kithos BE one.

Kristina Lovett just a reply about shooting giantess stuff from riseofwives. you should contact her again and shoot stuff with her. just no shrinking her. but I really want to see you two work together.


Ugh…. We contacted her, got no interest. I am not going to chase the poor woman to shoot if she is not interested.  Yes I know you want to see it, and we could do some impressive stuff with her I am sure.  But if she is not interested it is a no go.  Please do not harrass her about this.

always loved the clichés when girl is pregnant people sometimes say you look like you swallowed a beach ball or basketball or balloon. Was wondering could a video be done doing that cliché where girl ends up swallowing or inhaling beach ball, basket ball or balloon perhaps accidentally?


OK easy enough, we have the inflatable bellies, but if someone wanted to spring for a silicone one………

could you do some unbirthing clips, maybe?


On the list but we need a two model shoot. which currently is an issue.

Any updates?


There is stuff going on, the usual issues with model’s not booking, being under house arrest or blowing off shoots.

Some other new stuff in the works, but nothing much to tell about it yet.

Oh and someone is trying to bribe me away from this stuff to work on something entirely different….