Any updates?


There is stuff going on, the usual issues with model’s not booking, being under house arrest or blowing off shoots.

Some other new stuff in the works, but nothing much to tell about it yet.

Oh and someone is trying to bribe me away from this stuff to work on something entirely different….

could you do a very good clip about man in a diaper swallowing another man in a string bikini and then stuff another man in a pair of red brief underwear into his diaper for later please? I would love to see that!


Nope, wrong studio a many levels

Will there be another Kithos SW clip anytime soon?


As soon as this weekend, though in a different store.

could I see diaper vore?



The trade-off of viewer height for breast size is what makes the Kithos BE video so appealing. There's a sense of her taking power from you. The size of her boobs is more important to her than the viewer is, so you must be insignificant in her eyes, and as you dwindle away to nothing, she seems more excited about her new boobs than concerned about your well-being. The idea of a dominant woman and insignificant man is at the heart of the giantess fetish, and this video appeals to that.


Added a couple variations to the next shoot, thank you

Sep 2

A little bit of insight please?

OK so everyone seems to like the new Kithos POV / BE clip.

Tell me what I did right, and I will do lots more of it.

It was very simple to shoot, and I could include variations on the theme in upcoming shoots, once you all tell me why it works for you.

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Sep 1

What kind of schedule does London have for possible return shoots?


Working on it, she failed to show for the last shoot, I will try her again next week

Sep 1

If you did a boob tf with pov. Please don't make the entire clip just pov. Still have the boob or boobs. With faces. Did you ever think doing a clip with talking boobs and a talking ass? Lol. That might be too much but it'd entertaining.


When I have three or more models, certainly possible.

and I am not sure how a full POV clip would work.

Sep 1

I really liked the new Kithos BE one can you do one with ass and lip growth too


Working on Butt growth… Lips however would require makeup, not impossible but costly in time.

Trailer for the New video”

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Kithos Giantess Breast Expansion POV

it is like a fetish word salad….

anyway  cool dialogue and all, check it out.

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Regarding the boob TF POV suggestion, was thinking something similar to the "Kithos Betty Boob TF" clip. Only with scenes with the camera mounted on her chest facing forward. I think the camera would naturally bounce around, adding to the realism. It could even be done with her taking her shirt on/off and touching the camera with her hands.


Ah, I thought so.  We were thinking cutting a hole in a bra for the gopro or something like that.   Odds are it would be very shaky and such.  we could try this at some point this winter though.