Did the filming for the inflation vid go as planned? I know you've had some difficulty in the past month with other models

Yes, sorry I should have posted….

They showed up we shot stuff!  I have not even looked at the footage yet though, this weekend I hope to hit that pretty hard.

Where is that shrinking picture from? One of your photo sets?


SW2 and 3

located here:


Will the doll clip be up soon for the public to buy?


Working on that as we speak

Shrinking Wins.
I will write to offbeatr and get it posted tomorrow night.
$10 /$20 is ok, but can you guys think of other rewards at different levels?
if so use the ask me anything.

Next month:  Hopefully a new voting system.
Also: Inanimate is back on the menu, Food is off (pardon the pun).
Still looking for ideas for a different or better way to these, I would love to post up to 3 projects for pre-order at once.

Shrinking Wins.

I will write to offbeatr and get it posted tomorrow night.


$10 /$20 is ok, but can you guys think of other rewards at different levels?

if so use the ask me anything.

Next month:  Hopefully a new voting system.

Also: Inanimate is back on the menu, Food is off (pardon the pun).

Still looking for ideas for a different or better way to these, I would love to post up to 3 projects for pre-order at once.

Kithos Wakeup TG

While working on tracking a giant nose onto Betty’s face I was able to render this quick on the other computer.

Sometimes you are watching a B horror movie and sudden go…


I found these pictures on the internet… note the doors, the pegboard walls and so forth.  that is totally the pre-church studio.   We got bumped out of there when the building sold as I recall.  It has been painted and re-carpeted, that is for sure.

The Movie is on Netlfix and it is Called GERM Z  worth a look, the police station (inside and out too) are the old studio site.

Guys, this would be mildly interesting if I lived in LA or something, but this upstate NY,near nothing….

Hhahahah what could done, is do own voting thing, hid voting rig for offbeat instead show it then tallied votes from the voting way you do self to one for offbeat from the other is way work it since anybody can vote and as many times seems shitty way to do it , create two polls but seems like way to go.


Not quite following….

Hide the results, OK.  I can do that, but I figured people would like to see how things were going.

Hiding the offbeatr?  We are not using Offbeatr’s voting system.  I would if they would let me put more than 1 project at a time up.

Can we just pay the amount after the one we want to win instead of voting?


What?  I mean sure… I guess, you would only need to pay 70% of that number though, but what would you want in return?

The vote for Project #3 is ridiculous since you can vote as often as you want. It seems there are two people get tons of votes out for their favourite (Vore and Shrink). Please look for another way to vote or find a way to filter IPs. This way the genre wins, wich interceder can spam the most or is reacting faster at the end of vote time...


You are correct, 100%

I even agree with you.  Do you know of another service we could use?

Also… offbeatr will not allow it, but do you know of a way to post say 3 projects at once and then we could shoot them as they are funded?  that is how I would like to do it.  But I cannot find anywhere that will allow it.

If we did it that way I could lower the amount needed for each project, shoot them faster, and more of them.  We would have a studio in no time at all.

I take it from the last comment the link has been sent out for the doll transformation? I had an e-mail confirming i'd been charged for the clip once the target was met, but haven't had a link sent.


Oh? check your spam folder, or, failing that log into offbeatr and look at messages, if you STILL do not have it, email me and I will send the link.

Just like to point out...during the first TF in the love doll you've made a bad audio cut...you can hear the direction going on. Kinda spoils it a bit.


Are you kidding me?  4 people checked that before I uploaded it.  No one mentioned that!

Corrected version is now uploaded and new link was sent out.

thanks for catching that.


Round Three:

The names are just place holders and not meant imply any particular models.

Shrinking:  $600

Alice starts to feel funny and slowly notices her clothing getting looser.  Over several minutes she shrinks out of her clothing with many cutaway and detail shots.  She gets so small she winds up having to crawl out of the sleeve of her shirt.  She keeps getting smaller and smaller until she reaches about 1 or 2 mm in size!

Tech:   New methods of doing the shrinking!   A mix of morphs, practical effects and digital effects.  A new visual reference system for the actress to know how small she is (this will help with dialogue).  

Stretch goal:  +400    A no-cutaway, continuous take, 5 minute shrinking sequence.  The of course a long scene scene of her adapting and running around naked.

Growth:  $600

Beth feels her clothing getting tighter.  She feels strange, angry, annoyed.   Buttons pop, clothing rips and she gets bigger and bigger.  Soon she is left with the tatters of her clothing and the room is getting too small.  She tries to get out of the door, down the hallway but her expanding form is making this hard,her hips barely clear the doorway.   One in a slight larger room she realizes she is not making out of another door.  the room gets tigher around her.  she kicks down the wall, collapsing the building.  She stands about 50 feet tall, naked and angry.  She stomps through the city her feet breaking the ground and she gets larger and larger.  Police weapons cannot stop her as she rampages through the city at a height of about 150 feet!

Tech: New growth methods, fracturing clothing, a mix of digital and practical effects.

Stretch Goal: +400 Beth’s Growth formula not only increases her size, but her muscles in this motion capture hybrid clip.

Gender Change   $500

Brain Shoots Carol with a beam.  Carol finds her skin turning into flesh color fabric, like she is wearing a bodysuit.  The changes takes over her body slowly.  Her hand suddenly falls limp, like it is an empty glove, followed by her feet and other arm.  the fabric slowly takes over her face and then she collapses into a human shaped body suit.   Brain then carefully straightens her out and undresses.  He puts the suit on and zips up.  His form begins to change, shrinking in places and bulging in others.  Soon he has Carol shape.  Then the cloth begins to reform into skin.   He has her body, exactly as it was.  He spends a long time checking out the form of the woman whose body he stole, experimenting with the new sensations.

Stretch Goal:  +300  A slow, painful male to female transformation with many morphs and cuts.

Stretch Goal 2:+300 Male and female slowly trade bodies with each other.

Food TF:   $400

First you shrink the subject to concentrate the flavors, after all you do not need several hundred pounds of dough here.   Once she is the proper size she will be begin to soften and become more dough like.  Use the rolling pin on her and ball her up a few times.  Once she is nice and blended, lay her out on the sheet and allow her to regain a semblance of her old form.  then pop her in the oven!   Once fully backed, allow to cool.  Eat her slowly, from the feet up so you can hear her reactions.  Place that last bite, her head on her tongue and allow it dissolve a bit before slowly swallowing her.

Stretch goal:  $300  A slow morph into a cake and she gets messily eaten.

Vore/Merge $700

A three model shoot!   Alice and Beth are in trouble.  They need a fool proof way to get out of town.   So with a bit magic Alice comes up with a..unique… idea.  She offers to Swallow Beth.  they will merge and become a new looking person using the combined mass of the two of them.   Beth agrees.  Beth is slowly swallowed into Alice expanding stomach.  Alice looks weird with the enormous belly pinning her down.  Then the weight slowly shifts padding her out in new ways.  She becomes a completely different woman (played by Carol), fuller, softer.  She then tries to get in some clothing left over from the two of them.   Much later, once in the clear, she does the third part of the spell, and a doll sized, slick beth is birth out of her.  Tiny beth latches on to Alice’s breast and begins to reclaim her lost mass.   Eventually she sucks enough to get back to normal size and turn Alice back to her original form.

Stretch goal: +400 Alice and Beth are making out, then get close and then start to merge into a new person.  a very long, morph intensive sequence of them merging.

Breast Enlargement:  $400

Using a combo of practical effects, morphs and full digitial, Alice grows from A or B cups to being hard pressed to fit through a doorway.  There will be TWO 5 minute clips made for this.  One willing and happy and one… less so.

Stretch goal +300 Two more clips added using different methods.

Here is the link, do not go crazy with the multi-voting please.