Really like the idea of Henna coming back. Any possibility of Genovefa or Ilyana returning?


Henna is a traveling model I catch them when I hear about them in time, and I have the cash available.

Genovefa decided this stuff was not for her, so odds are she will not be doing this again.

How about Sara Meow for animal TF or mental changes?


this girl right?


Yeah, no idea where she is from.

but this image, I think I have posted before, is adorable:


Nothing like getting caught doing something weird….

Update on all things…

OK! here we go….


Our first set is being built!  new backdrop holder is up too, I will post pictures soon.   

The set will help cut down the horrid echo of a large concrete area, we also got the donation of gym tumbling mats, we are just waiting for them to get delivered.  they will both cut the sound issues, and be used for stunts!

Upcoming shoots:

Delilah and Saffron this weekend, saturday.  a shrinking clip for the pre-order, a nose growth, and some other stuff.

Henna next week.  Shrinking for the pre-order, inflatable doll, other things.

London, end of the month… shrinking etc

currently working on…. err… nothing right now, Youtube stuff, that might be out by this weekend.

I give up…. Inflation News

After triple digit hours working on it… I give up.

I cannot make a decent, long inflation sequence with good enough quality.

Everyone who pre-ordered is being contacted, of course.  And they are being given the unfinished clip as well.

It could be done… but the budget would *quite* a bit more.  We would need the larger 3D scanner, a good 3D model maker, motion capture, and a few other things.

So yeah, now everything will come out *much* faster since I am not devoting time to trying to get this to work.

We will attempt this again at a later date, with a few more upgrades.

More updates to come…

Jul 6

New SW clip up

OK so here is the link to the new SW clip:

Buy Now

Now, it has some issues.  And some good points.

We did a more finely edited shirnking set this time, this is the prototype of the clips you will see on the shirnking pre-order.

The issues…. are almost funny.

So… shooting in a large concrete warehouse causes echos that are MUCH worse than what you hear being there.  This will be fixed for the next shoot.

the next one… we sorta kinda…. installed the greenscreen the wrong way round.  it was supposed to be shiny side in, dull side out.  but it fell off the support before we shot and we installed the wrong way and no one noticed.

This problem will also be fixed, we have a new assistant (to replace Jane, and her husband can build things… like sets!)

What kind of commissioned clips do you have coming down the pipe-line?


There is a list…with the studio more stuff will come out, once we get it all set up.

In March I supported the Body Inflation Project. It was stated the clips would be delivered within April. Now it is almost July... Thats roundabout 4 months and we are still missing the blueberry/watermelon clip and the stretch goal clip. You are complaining about models not keeping appointments but not getting the old stuff done isn't better either. Is there an ETA for delivering?


Working on it all day today and all day tomorrow too.  stands at 75% done right now, I did shot some replacement parts as well.

Minor Grumbling…

I wanted to have a shrinking clip done by now.   So far this month I have 5 shoots planned, 1 went off.  1 was delayed, 1 no called/no show 1 last minute canceled.  1 never confirmed the shoot (so cancelled by default).

Models are the worst part of this I swear.

Qzar confirmed AllyCat will now be in the SW video? But I can't find anything about her, anything we should know about her?


Shoot was canceled, seeing about a new date now.

Curious question, what's status or querry list of customs people have paid for, just so we people order know how far down list they are?


Hmm excellent idea.  most of the current ones were held until we had space or dual model shoots, the hope is get them all done in the next several weeks.

Shrinking update before bed….
they will be painted, the black plastic was shit to print with.   but this lets us do a practical effect, mathematically perfectly!
Right now the printer is making rings… for her fingers

Shrinking update before bed….

they will be painted, the black plastic was shit to print with.   but this lets us do a practical effect, mathematically perfectly!

Right now the printer is making rings… for her fingers

Are you really going to get Kristie Lovett? I will buy every clip with her. You need to turn her into your big bust mannkin and she would be cool to turn into a sex doll too. Also giantess with tiny people beteen her tits, or even a guy turned bimbo. Just do not shrink her, women like her need to be big. should we all tell her to get with you


Easy killer.  I wrote her via her tumblr:


if she is interested in working with me, she will email me or write me back on tumblr.  Please do NOT harass the woman, that will make the answer “no” most likely.

I agree with you though, she would most likely do well as all those things, but it is up to her what she chooses to do, of course.

We can only hope she agrees.